Things We Hide From The Light


Police Chief Nash Morgan is known for two things: Being a good guy and the way his uniform accentuates his butt. Two bullets put a dent in that Southern charm but—thankfully—spared his spectacular rear end. He’s got his hands full with the man who shot him still on the loose, healing wounds, and citizens that think of the law as more of a “guideline.” Throw in the gloomy mood that clings to him, and the last thing he needs is a smart mouthed, gorgeous new neighbors making him feel things he doesn’t have the energy to feel. Lina has her reasons for being in town. She’s on a mission and the fewer people that find out about it, the better. She does her best work alone and as soon as she finds what she’s after, she’s hitting the road for the next solo adventure. Too bad the town of Knockemout has other ideas. Soon Lina finds herself sucked into small-town life. Dog-sitting… Saying yes to a bridesmaid dress… Listening to the sexy AF chief of police service himself in the shower… But when Nash finds out why she’s there, flirty friends become furious enemies. The sparks flying don’t know the difference between lust and hate.
When danger forces them together, it’s only a matter of time before they both get burned.

If You Like, You Will Love:
• Small Town Romance
• Best Friends Brother
• Forced Proximity
• Neighbours
• Mental Health
• Strangers to Lovers to Enemies to Lovers
• Smut
• Dual Pov

Author: Lucy Score
Series: Knockemout
Book 2 of 3
Publisher: Bloom Books
Languages: English
Book Format: Soft Back / Paper Back.
Age Rated: 18+
Publication Date: February 21, 2023
Print Length: 592
ISBN: 9781399713771