Theo Silva. Rowdy bull rider, notorious ladies’ man, scorching hot trouble wrapped up in a drool-worthy package. And he’s looking at me like I might be his next meal. I’m almost free of my toxic marriage and have sworn off men entirely. So, all I see when I look at Theo is temptation served up with a heaping side of heartbreak. The man is hard to trust-and even harder to resist. Make that impossible. Because Theo is persistent. And no matter how hard I try to freeze him out, he melts my icy exterior and pulls apart all my defenses. Then I spend the singular hottest night of my life with him. It was supposed to be a one-time thing. A secret. But that little plus sign is going to make this secret impossible to keep.

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Author: Elsie Silver
Series: Chestnut Springs
Book 4 of 5
Publisher: Little, Brown & Company
Languages: English
Book Format: Soft Back / Paper Back.
Age Rated: 18+
Publication Date: June 2023
Print Length: 514
ISBN: 9780349437729